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So many vehicles to get your message out. So many places to do it. So many ways to get it done. We serve all of them to connect your content to the LGBTQ audience. The key is combining them brilliantly to make sure your target market sees you in all the right places. We work with you to determine what services are needed for each project. No two are the same. Sort of like songs. Or films. Or series. 


Working with you to create a customized set of services, we ensure that you will reach your goals. Take a look at our campaigns section to see how we super-serve the LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ market outreach includes:

Publicity Campaigns

Maximum exposure across a full range of websites, blogs, national and regional magazines and newspapers, syndicated services, broadcast media, satellite radio and podcasts; all efficiently and effectively targeted.


Social Media Influencer Outreach

Extensive relationships with a diverse array of relevant influencers for organic or paid exposure on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. Influencers are invited to advance screenings, pre-release music listening sessions and talent meet-and-greets, receive exclusive mailers and we partner with them for larger activations. 


Tastemaker/Community Engagement 

Extensive grass-roots engagement with community and cultural leaders and tastemakers in markets throughout the country. 


Nightlife Promotional Events

Promotional release events with the most popular bars and clubs in over thirty markets allow for massive exposure for our clients on-site and through pre-event promotion. 


Special Events & Organizations

Partnerships with a wide range of LGBTQ organizations, and visibility at and sponsorships of Pride parades and festivals, film festivals, fundraisers, and special events. 


Strategic Consulting 

Image, advertising, positioning and marketing message consultation; developing the right strategy to speak directly to our community. 


Street Teams / Brand Ambassadors

Representatives for hand-to-hand distribution of promotional materials hit the streets and engage your target audience.


DJ Servicing

Comprehensive, curated  lists of DJs/VJs and trendsetting cafes, restaurants, retail outlets, bars, lounges and clubs ensure that you are seen and heard where it matters.


Talent Performances & Appearances

Talent participation at clubs, bars and major special events, leveraging the resulting visibility to its highest degree.

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